We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, but we generally focus on companies with the following characteristics:


Leading every great business is a visionary founder and a dedicated team; we love teaming up with world-class people toward a common goal


Great companies have a distinct competitive advantage, are in a growing market, and are poised to be a leader among their competition


We work with companies that have the opportunity to increase their customer base, add new products, break into untapped markets, or strengthen operations 


We value companies that have a history of stable revenues, consistently provide a great service throughout the year, and are enduringly profitable


Successful companies often have many satisfied customers and partners who loyally return to use a product or service


Hands-On and Focused

Being selective about our investments allows us to focus our energy and attention. In most cases we expect to take a management position in the company and/or help with founder's succession transition.

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